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How is developing the insurance industry in Haiti?

How is developing the insurance industry in Haiti?

Cultural insurance problematic


In insurance partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank’s ” because the Skoll World Forum has asked the leaders of some viable and insurance market-based market leaders who serve the the pyramid in Latin America rather than the Caribbean insurane. Therefore to talk about their efforts to bring opportunities and insurance changes to those who need it most.

The situation in Haiti

As a result the organizations included in this insurance series are based in Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Olivier Barrau is the CEO of the Haiti-based Alternative Insurance Company.

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thus help each other across the river La Digue in Petit Goave, Haiti, on Wednesday, a day after Hurricane Matthew raked the island nation.

The Haitian people are facing repeated natural a tropical depression hit the island bringing heavy rains.

As a result Haiti is not the only Caribbean country exposed to extreme weather events. Because of the most insurance vulnerable and terribly unprepared. What would happen to a downpour in the Bahamas can cause major floods in Haiti?

Environment degradation

Degradation of the country’s environment consequently exacerbates the impact of extreme weather. Since decades of international insurance involvement, Haiti continues to wallow.

Since our position rather today, it can be difficult to identify the first step on the road to growth. When a country is bottoming out, no one can bring it back to life except for its people.

Due to previous attempts to put Haiti on the path of sustainable social and economic insurance progress. Rather than a doubt as a result One of the most important missing links in the quest. for prosperity in Haiti is risk management,

Insurance is the solution

Winston Churchill said, “If it was possible for me, I would like to write the word insurance in every house and on the forehead of every man. Since I am so convinced that insurance can, at a moderate price.

because the Churchill’s remark serves to highlight the Alternative Insurance Company’s (AIC) determination that this unmitigated risk.

And our underdeveloped insurance industry contribute to Haiti’s economic, physical and social degradation. Haiti was already the poorest country in the hemisphere.

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The earthquake

The earthquake and subsequent storms continue to delay our efforts to put us on the path to development.



After all The purpose of insurance is to ensure people can overcome the hardships. But vulnerable populations are the most exposed.

Since Challenge facing Haiti is the construction of a safety net for rural people. Their bank book is their cow and goat means of deposit and the chicken their ticket.

because the majority of households are uninsured thus after every shock the losses make the Haitian people even poorer.

Vulnerability of our gouvenrment

The government itself is not prepared for a major event. After the 2010 earthquake Haiti has not only lost 300,000 people, 30% of its officials.

we have lost our nation’s heritage, landmarks visuals of our history, our democracy, our culture: the presidential palace, the cathedral and the Parliament Buildings.

The government itself 

Apart from government-owned entities such as the Central Bank and the National Bank of Credit.

the Haitian government does not guarantee a single building, vehicle or their furniture. If, as they say, “If Bondye ki voye, Peye chay la pou wou”. Haiti has long been waiting for a salary that is slow in coming



Because Limited access to social security is the common denominator in all underdeveloped countries and Haiti is no different. Less than 3% of the population has access to social security and fewer than 200,000 people out of a population of 10 million have access to health insurance.

There are at most 300,000 people insured for any product across the country. People turn to unconventional risk management.

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